Adaptive Events

1. COURSE: The Adaptive events in the 2018 Head of the Schuylkill Regatta (HOSR) will take place 8:00 AM on Saturday, October 27 over the full 2.5-mile head-race course.

2. ATHLETE ELIGIBILITY: All adaptive athletes competing in the HOSR must be officially pre-classified according to current USRowing standards as either AS (arms and shoulders only), TA (trunk and arms) or LTA (legs, trunk and arms).

3. EVENTS: The HOSR is offering two events for adaptive athletes. Both events are to be rowed in FISA-approved adaptive double-sculling shells and with a sighted person sculling and steering in the bow seat.

4. The first event, (01A) the Adaptive Inclusion Double, is non-gender-specific and has the following sub categories:
i. An adaptive athlete sculling with an able-bodied partner. NOTE: all AS athletes MUST scull with an able-bodied partner in this category;
ii. Two adaptive athletes of different classifications (e.g. LTA and TA) sculling together.

5. The second event, (01B) the Adaptive TA Double, is gender-specific; and is for doubles in which both athletes are officially classified as TA adaptive, in the following sub categories:
i. Two TA scullers of the same gender;
ii. Two TA scullers of mixed gender.

6. ATHLETE SKILL LEVEL: All adaptive athletes competing in the HOSR Adaptive events (along with their able-bodied partners if applicable) must individually have the skill, experience and physical fitness to scull and navigate 2.5 miles (4,023 meters) in no more than 30 minutes. Guide boats will not be permitted on race day.

7. REGISTRATION: All competitors must register via Regatta Central by midnight on Friday, October 5, 2018.

8. EQUIPMENT: All adaptive doubles must bring their own equipment – boat, oars and necessary rigging, including outriggers, seats, straps and pontoons. Philadelphia Adaptive Rowing (PAR) welcomes the opportunity to host visiting competitors at its boathouse by advance arrangement and to the extent that space allows. However, PAR regrets it is not able to provide “loaner” equipment for its guests.

9. LAUNCHING LOCATIONS: All visiting adaptive doubles must launch from either (a) the PAR boathouse on Martin Luther King Drive (see below for PAR contact information); OR (b) the main HOSR docks at the Three Angels Festival Area on Kelly Drive. Experienced PAR volunteers will be assigned to both locations specifically to welcome and assist all visiting adaptive crews as needed. Please note without exception, any adaptive boats that do not honor this rule will not be permitted to race.

10. RACE-DAY ONSITE PARKING FOR ADAPTIVE CREWS: After entries have closed on October 6, the HOSR regatta committee will assess the need for specially reserved parking at each adaptive launching location and will plan to set aside the necessary dedicated spaces. Visiting adaptive participants can greatly help the success of the plan by consolidating their need for race-day onsite parking to one vehicle per crew. All additional vehicles associated with a given adaptive crew will have to utilize the most convenient and available off-site parking area (see HOSR traffic and parking maps).

11. CONTROL COMMISSION ADVISORY: All adaptive boats will be thoroughly inspected for safety and compliance according to USRowing 2017 Rules of Rowing Article X before launching. Adaptive athletes utilizing straps are hereby advised that only Velcro closures are acceptable; and if more than one strap is required, all straps must open and close in the same direction to facilitate quick release in an emergency. Furthermore, adaptive shells using stabilizing pontoons will be required to demonstrate, once launched, that both pontoons are simultaneously in touch with the water.

12. ROWING TO THE START LINE AND RETURNING FROM THE FINISH LINE: Adaptive doubles launching from the PAR boathouse will immediately cross to the east side of the river and proceed upriver to the start line (see online course maps at Adaptive doubles launching from the docks at the Three Angels Festival area will access the start line by rowing upriver on the east (Kelly Drive) side of the river. After racing, adaptive doubles returning to the PAR boathouse will turn to starboard below the finish line and will row up the west (MLK Drive) side of the river. Adaptive doubles returning to the Three Angels will turn to port below the finish line and will row up the east (Kelly Drive) side of the river. It is vitally important for all adaptive boats rowing up to the start line or back from the finish line to diligently avoid encroaching onto the race course.

13. MEDALS: As soon as possible after entries have closed on October 5, the HOSR organizing committee will review all adaptive entries received and will allocate each entry to its most applicable racing category. Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in each category. On Saturday, October 27 an awards ceremony will be held in the Three Angels Festival Tent. All adaptive medal winners, and their able-bodied partners if applicable, are encouraged to attend this ceremony to personally receive their awards and be deservedly recognized for their achievement.

14. CONTACT INFORMATION: If you have any questions regarding Adaptive events at the HOSR, please contact Christopher Blackwall at or (215) 850-5275. If you would like to coordinate access with PAR, please contact Jeff McGinnis, Executive Director at or phone (215) 327-8943.