Welcome Parents, Family and Friends

HOSR CHUCK WAGON COOK-OFF CHALLENGE!  Sponsored by Whole Foods Market

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017

Time: 1:00pm – Regatta Lunch Break

Entry deadline: October 27, 2017 OR first 10 entrants

Location: Rear Entrance of Three Angels Festival Tent


Judges: Celebrity judges to be announced

For years, volunteers at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta have marveled at the food preparation and display at the various high school and club tents. Crew parents and boosters begin at dawn to prepare feasts for competitors…aromas wafting down Kelly Drive to the envy of all. The pride of the preparers is evident…because they always welcome us to come and taste their offerings. It seemed only natural for us to initiate a CHUCK WAGON COOK-OFF CHALLENGE…to showcase the parents and those that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure their athletes have nourishing and delicious meals so they can perform at their best in this very competitive regatta. Week after week, crew supporters serve up their best, and now it’s time to stand up and be recognized.  Bragging rights up for grabs!

Here’s how it works! (Rules)

  1. Register here.
  2. Entry must be from supporter(s) of a team competing at the HOSR
  3. Only one entry per competing team
  4. Questionnaire must be answered in full for judging/promotional purposes
  5. Chef must be in attendance for judging at Festival Tent
  6. Chef must provide tasting enough for three judges

Entry Form & Questionnaire :There will be an MC at the Chuck Wagon Cook Off Challenge. It will make for more interesting pre-publicity and a brief discussion with each of the entrants if you can tell us a little about your entry and your audience.

Chuck wagon permits must be purchased in advance to ensure entry onto Kelly Drive and a parking space.  The chuck wagon permit fee is $60.00. To order your chuck wagon permit please register at RegattaCentral. (Chuck wagon permit is for Chuck wagons only. Tow vehicle must have a vehicle pass hanging from the rear view mirror. A vehicle pass does not guarantee parking for the tow vehicle on Kelly Drive). Chuck wagon permit will be mailed to address submitted on Regatta Central one week prior to the regatta. All chuck wagons at the HOSR must have a chuck wagon permit visibly affixed to the outside of the chuck wagon. All Chuckwagons must park diagonally on the River side of Kelly Drive as designated by parking staff. Tow vehicles must be removed from Kelly Drive to an off site paid parking space. Chuck wagons may not park on the GRASS. (Violators will be ticketed by the Philadelphia Police.)  Read more about chuck wagon policies…

The permit will provide a parking space in designated area, and may not be adjacent to your team tent.  HOSR golf carts can assist you in transporting supplies and food from the chuck wagon to the team tent.  We are encouraging teams to set up their team tents & food stations along the river bank or along the grass areas between Kelly Drive and the outside (street side) of the walking paths.  Tents can not interfere with boat trailer parking, dock logistics, drop off zone, and other critical safety/traffic logistics as determined by the HOSR traffic Marshalls.  The HOSR parking team will make every effort to accommodate space for tents nearby team trailers, however due to layout of river bank and natural barriers, it is not always possible.  See a map displaying areas where team tents may be erected.

Team Trailer and Tent Locations…go to the HOSR Mapping App to assist in answering the most frequently asked question of the regatta “Do you know where my team’s trailer is parked”, and much more.

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We hope you enjoy the regatta!