Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I register?

Registration opens on July 7, 2017 on RegattaCentral.

The entry deadline is midnight, Friday, October 6, 2017. Late entries will be accepted (space permitting) until midnight, Sunday, October 22, at double the cost. All entry fees must be paid at the time entry is made If you encounter problems registering electronically or have questions during the registration process, please contact

Okay, I’m ready to make my entry application online. What are the steps?

Go to RegattaCentral and follow the steps for making an entry. Please supply ALL the information requested. You can pay online.  All fees must be paid at the time of registration.

What if I miss the entry deadline?

If you are a late entry, and the desired event is full,  you may be placed on the WAITLIST.  At that point you will only be charged IF you are accepted.  To avoid disappointment, don’t delay.

How does the waiver process work?

The Head of the Schuylkill Regatta is registered with USRowing and therefore accepts the once-a-year online waiver. Each individual athlete is required to have a waiver on file for the current year. To submit the online waiver, both US and International athletes will need to Join or Renew as a Basic Member (FREE) at Waivers are due by October 24, 2016. For more information contact

How many events can I row as an individual?

Rowers are allowed to row in multiple events. HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of the registrant to make sure there will be ample time between events for rowers to make it on time. NO EVENT WILL BE HELD FOR LATE BOATS and DOUBLE ROWING WILL NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE REASON TO BE LATE!

Remember, if you are a scholastic rower (or coxswain) you are only permitted to row in scholastic events. We have a full range of scholastic sweep and sculling events available.

No individual can represent more than one organization in the regatta.

How many events can an organization enter in the HOSR?

There is no limit to the number of entries an organization (school, college or club) can enter overall. However, the regatta committee reserves the right to balance the number of entries if, in its judgment, a particular event exceeds capacity.

Attending the Regatta:

How can I get a vehicle ID tag to access Kelly Drive?

In mid-October, registrants will receive via mail a limited number of HOSR vehicle identification tags according to number/type of entries. Additional, or replacement tags, will not be available. The vehicle ID provides access to Kelly Drive and drop-off zone; it does not guarantee parking along Kelly Drive.  For more information on parking, team buses, and car-top shells, please review Traffic Flow and Parking.

How will I get to the races from off-site parking and various parts of Kelly Drive? What if my parents and friends want to come and watch the races? How do they get there, and where can they park?

On race day, only vehicles with an HOSR vehicle ID tag will be admitted to Kelly Drive. Traffic not admitted to the restricted area (Kelly Drive) will be diverted to several off site parking areas (nominal fee) according to the plan outlined on the maps. Free shuttle buses will operate continuously from the parking areas to the race course. All regatta participants and spectators may utilize the shuttle. Shuttle bus stops are shown on on-site parking area maps and shuttle buses will be identified with HOSR signs.

Do food trailers (trailerettes/chuck wagons) need to register for access to Kelly Drive and parking?

Yes, chuck wagon permits must be purchased in advance to ensure entry onto Kelly Drive and a parking space.  The chuck wagon permit fee is $60.00. To order your chuck wagon permit please register at RegattaCentral. (Chuck wagon permit is for Chuck wagons only. Tow vehicle must have a vehicle pass hanging from the rear view mirror. A vehicle pass does not guarantee parking for the tow vehicle on Kelly Drive). Chuck wagon Permit will be mailed to address submitted on Regatta Central one week prior to the regatta. All chuck wagons at the HOSR must have a chuck wagon permit visibly affixed to the outside of the chuck wagon. All Chuckwagons must park diagonally on the River side of Kelly Drive as designated by parking staff. Tow vehicles must be removed from Kelly Drive to an off site paid parking space. Chuck wagons may not park on the GRASS. (Violators will be ticketed by the Philadelphia Police.)  Read more about chuck wagon policies…

Where can we set up our team food tent?

We are encouraging teams to set up their team tents & food stations along the river bank or along the grass areas between Kelly Drive and the outside (street side) of the walking paths.  Tents can not interfere with boat trailer parking, dock logistics, drop off zone, and other critical safety/traffic logistics as determined by the HOSR traffic Marshalls.  The HOSR parking team will make every effort to accommodate space for tents nearby team trailers, however due to layout of river bank and natural barriers, it is not always possible.

Where is the best place to watch the races?

The best place to watch the regatta is near the Three Angels Statues, approximately one mile from the finish line (Boathouse Row). Here you can get up to the moment information and race announcing from the sports desk and view live streaming of races on monitors in the Festival Tent where there are also vendors, food, information, results, awards ceremonies and fun!

How will I know the times of the races?

Free keepsake program books will be available at the information booth located directly inside the festival tent. You can also find the race schedule on line at under the Competitors tab. Race day updates will be posted on, Twitter and Facebook.

Where will I find race results?

Race results will be available in real time by clicking on the Results tab at, on mobile devices and on several monitors in the Festival Tent.

Please be aware that all results are provisional, may change and be updated as reported penalties and other issues are investigated, and may not be declared final until after the regatta.

When and where are the awards ceremonies?

Award Ceremony and medal pick-up information can be found here.

I have more questions!

Please email with any questions.  Your question(s) may be added to the FAQs!



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