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We realize you go above and beyond to feed and support your teams...here's the information you need to make travel, set-up, and breakdown as seamless as possible, with plenty of time for fun in between.


Travel to the Regatta

Directions to Philadelphia, and the Regatta, are on the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta website and can be found by clicking here. Kelly Drive will be closed during the Regatta, but off-site parking is available through a City vendor ($15, cash only).

Free continuous shuttle buses will take spectators to and from the Three Angels Statues and Festival Tent, and other sites along the 2.5-mile racecourse. Buses will be marked with a Head of the Schuylkill Regatta sign.

The Schuylkill River, site of the Regatta, is within walking distance to many of the city’s charming neighborhoods. There will be time to explore many of them and visit interesting sites near the racecourse, including Laurel Hill Cemetery, Smith Playground and Eastern State Penitentiary.

How can I get a vehicle ID tag to access Kelly Drive?

In mid-October, registrants will receive via mail a limited number of HOSR vehicle identification tags according to number/type of entries. Additional, or replacement tags, will not be available. The vehicle ID provides access to Kelly Drive and drop-off zone; it does not guarantee parking along Kelly Drive.  For more information on parking, please review Traffic Flow and Parking.

How will I get to the races from off-site parking and various parts of Kelly Drive? What if my parents and friends want to come and watch the races? How do they get there, and where can they park?

On race day, only vehicles with an HOSR vehicle ID tag will be admitted to Kelly Drive. Traffic not admitted to the restricted area (Kelly Drive) will be diverted to several off site parking areas (nominal fee) according to the plan outlined on the maps. Free shuttle buses will operate continuously from the parking areas to the race course. All regatta participants and spectators may utilize the shuttle. Shuttle bus stops are shown on on-site parking area maps and shuttle buses will be identified with HOSR signs.

Do food trailers (chuck wagons) need to register for access to Kelly Drive and parking?

Yes, food trailer (chuck wagon) permits must be purchased in advance to ensure entry onto Kelly Drive and a parking space.  The chuck wagon permit fee is $60.00. To order your chuck wagon permit please register at RegattaCentral. (Chuck wagon permit is for Chuck wagons only. Tow vehicle must have a vehicle pass hanging from the rear view mirror. A vehicle pass does not guarantee parking for the tow vehicle on Kelly Drive). Chuck wagon permit will be mailed to address submitted on Regatta Central one week prior to the regatta. All chuck wagons at the HOSR must have a chuck wagon permit visibly affixed to the outside of the chuck wagon. All Chuckwagons must park diagonally on the River side of Kelly Drive as designated by parking staff. Tow vehicles must be removed from Kelly Drive to an off site paid parking space. Chuck wagons may not park on the GRASS. (Violators will be ticketed by the Philadelphia Police.)  Read more about chuck wagon policies…

Where can we set up our team food tent?

We are encouraging teams to set up their team tents & food stations along the river bank or along the grass areas between Kelly Drive and the outside (street side) of the walking paths.  Tents can not interfere with boat trailer parking, dock logistics, drop off zone, and other critical safety/traffic logistics as determined by the HOSR traffic Marshalls.  Please utilize this map for ease in locating areas where tents may be erected.  The HOSR parking team will make every effort to accommodate space for tents nearby team trailers, however due to layout of river bank and natural barriers, it is not always possible.  Please respect the park and the HOSR volunteers that are trying to maintain a safe and welcoming environment.

Please help the HOSR meet its goal of becoming a single-use water bottle free regatta.  For the second year, the HOSR will provide reusable water bottles and water refill stations along the course.  We ask that teams leave their single-use water bottles at home and instead bring 3 and 5 gallons jugs for refill.  Read more here…and join us on this path to sustainability.

What is the Chuck Wagon Cook-off Challenge?

Ah, a little competition for the sidelines. We know you want the bragging rights…best food entry at the regatta!  Get the details and submit your entry here.

How do I locate the team’s boat trailer?

To find your team’s trailer or tent location, as well as HOSR venues and services, please visit the HOSR Mapping App, or the information booth at the Festival Tent.

Where is the best place to watch the races?

The best place to watch the regatta is near the Three Angels Statues, approximately one mile from the finish line (Boathouse Row). Here you can get up to the moment information and race announcing from the sports desk and view live streaming of races on monitors in the Festival Tent where there are also vendors, food, information, results, awards ceremonies and fun!

Program Books

The Head of the Schuylkill Regatta official program book lists each school and club in this year’s regatta. They are free and available at the information booths at the Festival Tent and the Finish Line.

Race Schedule

For information about races please see the Schedule of Events.

Where to find race results

As soon as they are final, results will be posted online at www.hosr.org.  You may access the results on your mobile device or on results kiosks in the Festival Tent at the Three Angels Statues and at UBC. Paper results will also be posted in the Festival Tent.  First, second and third place winners in each race will be awarded medals throughout the 2-day event. There are Points Trophy awards for the winners of High School, College, Open and Masters categories.

Awards ceremonies

There are several Award Ceremonies scheduled throughout the weekend. Though we encourage you to attend the ceremony for your event(s), you may pick-up your medals at the Awards Desk in the Three Angels Festival Tent throughout the day or at University Barge Club, #7 Boathouse Row, from 5-7PM.

If you come for the regatta plan time to enjoy Philadelphia!

Philadelphia offers one of America’s favorite regattas and so much more. It has been named one of the top cities to shop (within walking distance of the regatta) and has museums and other cultural institutions that are too great to miss (also within walking distance). If you’re looking at colleges, there are more than 28 in Philadelphia alone.

You can visit a different restaurant each night and sample some of the best food in the U.S.

Check out the Official Visitor Site for Greater Philadelphia at www.visitphilly.com.


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