Traffic Flow & Parking on Race Days


Out-of-town participants who need detailed information on the best road routes into Philadelphia can find them here. For general orientation to the regatta area, refer to our location maps. Although the maps indicate the road traffic pattern for regatta days only, they are also a useful visual reference for those arriving earlier.


READ SECTION 1 below if you are a crew coach or individual participant bringing boats to the regatta by trailer, van or car-top.

READ SECTION 2 if you need regatta-day instructions for TEAM BUSES.

READ SECTION 3 if you are driving a vehicle that has been pre-issued with a HOSR Vehicle ID tag and need to know your regatta-day access rules and on-site parking options (depending on availability). HOSR Vehicle ID Tags are pre-issued by mail for use ONLY by registered team or individual competitors, volunteers, VIPs and vendors.

READ SECTION 4 if you are attending the regatta as a crew parent, friend or general spectator.


Bringing in boats. If you are bringing in boats prior to race days, whether by car, van or trailer, you must access Kelly Drive from the north, i.e. by City Avenue (Exit 340A from the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76)) and head southbound on Kelly Drive. Note that Kelly Drive will remain open to all traffic in both directions on Friday, October 27, so please use appropriate caution at all times. Only bring your boats to Boathouse Row if you have a prior arrangement with one of the clubs. Absent such arrangements, please do the following.

Dock locations. Our main docking area at the Angels will not open until Friday morning, October 27. Boats arriving before that time that do not have an arrangement to launch from a club on Boathouse Row will have to park at the Canoe Club. Trailers must park in the south lot (1B on the on-site parking area map). The north side of the parking lot (1A) is reserved for van/car-top shells and food trailers. Trailers should be parked beginning on the river side of the lot as close together as possible. Please adhere to the direction of parking staff. Trailers shall be moved to the Angels beginning Friday morning at 10:00 AM.  Please note that if you choose to remain in the Canoe Club parking area for the duration of the regatta, the dock is no longer located adjacent to the Canoe Club, but moved to the south side of the McGillin (St.Joseph’s) Boathouse.

All boats arriving on Friday after 10:00 AM should proceed to our regatta staging area at the Angels, below Columbia Bridge. Under supervision of the police and parking marshals, pull carefully off Kelly Drive and park where directed. PLEASE RESPECT THE PARK and make every effort not to damage the trees and grass.

On SATURDAY and SUNDAY, boats arriving at the regatta site, shall check in with the parking staff just below the Access Barrier. Depending upon space availability, trailers will be directed to proceed to the Three Angels area or park temporarily in the Canoe Club lot.  Car-top shells will be directed to the Three Angels area or a designated zone along Kelly Drive according to the dock from which they would prefer to launch.

It is recommended that trailers, vans and cars bringing in boats for Sunday races only, should plan to arrive after 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Departing trailers.  Please see a parking marshal prior to departing the Angels area to be escorted to the appropriate exit lane and clear any boat/pedestrian traffic from the path.  We strongly encourage you to exit after the conclusion of racing each day.

Food trailers (Trailerettes/Chuck Wagons).

Please read this new information about Chuck Wagons at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta.

In 2017 the Chuckwagon Permit fee is $60.00.

To order your Chuck wagon Permit please register at RegattaCentral. (Chuck wagon permit is for Chuck wagons only. Tow vehicle must have a vehicle pass hanging from the rear view mirror. A vehicle pass does not guarantee parking for the tow vehicle on Kelly Drive). Chuck wagon Permit will be mailed to address submitted on Regatta Central one week prior to the regatta. All Chuck wagons at the HOSR must have a Chuck wagon permit visibly affixed to the outside of the Chuck wagon.

Chuckwagon permits must be purchased in advance to ensure entry onto Kelly Drive and a parking space. (Deadline to purchase a Chuckwagon permit is: Monday, October 16.)  If you plan to have a chuck wagon on site both Saturday and Sunday, you must purchase permits for both days.  Please keep in mind that chuck wagons will need to removed from Kelly Drive overnight Saturday and reenter Sunday morning.

Chuck wagons are encouraged to arrive beginning at 6:30am on scheduled day.  Chuck wagons that arrive on evening prior to scheduled day may park in the Canoe Club parking lot. Chuckwagons must be removed from Canoe Club parking lot by 7:00am both mornings and moved to a designated space on Kelly Drive.

All Chuckwagons must park diagonally on the River side of Kelly Drive as designated by parking staff. If space permits, chuck wagons will be permitted to park on grass adjacent to their boat trailer.  Chuck wagons cannot take space that would allow for another boat trailer.  Tow vehicles must be removed from Kelly Drive to an off site paid parking space or circle back around to Kelly Drive.  (No trucks or vehicles may be parked on the grass. Violators will be ticketed by the Philadelphia Police.)

We are encouraging teams to set up their team tents & food stations along the river bank near their Chuck wagons.  You may carry your equipment to other river bank locations.  Tents must be set up along the river bank, or along the grass areas between Kelly Drive and the outside (street side) of the walking paths.  Tents can not interfere with boat trailer parking, dock logistics, drop off zone, and other critical safety/traffic logistics as determined by the HOSR traffic Marshalls.


Regatta-Day Instructions for Team Buses. Proceed southbound on Kelly Drive to Columbia Bridge. A certain number of buses will be permitted to parallel park along the east (non-river) side of Kelly Drive as directed by parking staff (see on-site parking area map). Please take care in disembarking and unloading.


Vehicle ID tags. The regatta committee pre-issues a limited number of tags to identify the vehicles of registered competitors, volunteers, VIPs and vendors. These tags are for use by the above groups only, not general visitors and spectators. These tags are designed to hang inside a vehicle’s windshield from the post of the rear-view mirror.

HOSR vehicle ID tags are not parking permits. They provide access to the closed on-site area of the regatta for picking up or dropping off people or essential equipment and supplies, and to park in designated areas IF space is available. They do not, at any time, provide the automatic right to park in any part of the restricted area, or even to park free of charge off site (some off-site parking areas are paid lots, operated by a city contractor). If you do park anywhere in the restricted area, you MUST continue to display the HOSR vehicle ID tag on the rear-view mirror post of your vehicle’s windshield. Otherwise, your vehicle may be towed.

Restricted area on race days. From 5:30 a.m. until 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, October 28, and Sunday, October 29, the entire area of Kelly Drive between Strawberry Mansion Bridge and the new traffic light at the intersection with Fountain Green Drive will be restricted to vehicles with HOSR 2017 Vehicle ID tags only. All such vehicles must be driven  in a southbound direction only. Diagonal parking will be permitted in certain areas along Kelly Drive, strictly on the river side only, as directed by staff.  At all times, the northbound lanes of Kelly Drive must be kept clear of all vehicles, to enable city emergency vehicles to have unrestricted access. Vehicles driven or parked in the northbound lanes will be cited for a major violation. All vehicles must be removed from Kelly Drive by 5:45 p.m. on both days of the regatta.

If you are a regatta Volunteer, VIP or Vendor, please proceed to Area 2 (Grandstand Parking Lot) on the on-site parking area map for your specially designated parking. Vendors with Reserved parking tags will be directed to angled parking spaces on the river side of Kelly Drive adjacent to Area 3 (Three Angels North). Please note that Vendors with general HOS ID tags may use the drop-off zone adjacent to Area 3 to unload, however must exit and use areas designated on the traffic map to park, or circle back around the loop to park in Area 2.

Drop-off Zone.  A drop-off zone will be located adjacent to Area 3 to unload equipment/passengers. Drivers shall not be allowed to leave their vehicles.  Vehicles will then be directed to exit the restricted area as noted below.  If you have a HOS ID tag and parking along Kelly Drive is available, drivers are welcome to circle back around the loop to park along Kelly Drive as directed by parking marshalls.

Leaving the Restricted Area. If you drive into the restricted area of the regatta with the benefit of a HOSR vehicle ID tag but are unable to park, you must drive southbound on Kelly Drive and exit the closed area at the police-monitored Exit Barrier located at the Three Angels. There will be NO left turn onto Fountain Green Drive at this point. You must continue southbound on Kelly Drive, either to exit Fairmount Park altogether, or to access any of the designated off-site parking options, following the loop indicated on the wide-area traffic map.

Paid Parking. The all-day paid parking fee is between $15 (cash only). You need only pay once per day. If you need to exit a paid parking area and want to return to it later that day, you can do so without further charge by displaying your HOSR vehicle hang tag and showing your parking receipt.


Parking arrangements for visitors. Parents, friends and spectators coming to see the races on Saturday and Sunday are encouraged to take the posted diversion routes instead of trying to enter the restricted area along Kelly Drive, which may be very congested. The paid off-site parking areas are conveniently accessible from these routes, whether you are driving in from the north or from the south. The all-day parking fee is between $15 (cash only).

Free shuttle-bus service. Throughout both racing days, a free shuttle service using yellow school buses marked “HOSR Regatta Shuttle” will continuously loop in a counter-clockwise direction from the off-site parking lots to the regatta site and back again. Designated shuttle stops are marked and numbered on both of the location maps, but visitors may hail the bus at any point along the route, and can likewise request to be dropped off at any point of their choosing.